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Welcome the Organic Way of Men's Grooming


Oway research has captured the exceptional antioxidant and antiaging properties contained inprimordial active ingredients, developed green chemistry techniques to obtain the most advanced techno-botanicals, and followed cultivation of plants, flowers and trees to extract the purest and most effective biodynamic ingredients from them.

OW Men is the collection of facial, beard, body and hair products that encloses the power of three extraordinary manifestations of nature in every formula.


PRIMORDIAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS from the most extreme habitats.

Solitary deserts. Imposing mountains. Threatening volcanoes. Rain forests. Frozen lands. In these wild and uncontaminated habitats it is possible to find plants that have developed extraordinary survival strategies and hence are incredibly rich in antioxidants, nutrients and minerals full of revitalising and detoxifying trace elements.


TECHNO-BOTANICALS from the most progressive green chemistry.

Maximum power phyto-peptides, plant-based hyaluronic acid, booster bioferments for cell renewal and strength, plant stem cells, esters of gradual absorption, vegetable cellulose. Each OW MEN formula contains active ingredients fruit of the most advanced green chemistry. Starting from vegetable bases, the OW labs have given life to ingredients that recreate perfectly skin-like and hair-like structures.



We believe in healthy, clean and effective agricosmetics, which starts from the land.

Biodynamic phyto-active ingredients are operative in all OW MEN formulas. In our ORTOFFICINA biodynamic farm estate, in the Bologna hills, we use the biodynamic method to grow plants, owers, fruits and trees which becomehydrolats, essential oils and concentrated extracts pre- sent in the OW treatments.

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